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Jan, 2015

Highline Cleaning’s Guide to Cladding Cleaning.

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There are two types of cladding, one that is used for domestic buildings and one made of coated steel, which is used for commercial buildings.

On the subject of domestic buildings imagine that you have a lovely clean driveway, beautiful flowers in the front garden, nice clean windows, but your cladding is dirty. Surely that will detract from the whole look of your home.

The great thing about the plastic cladding that is used on houses and garages these days is that although it is not particularly environmentally friendly, certainly not compared to wood, it does last longer than wood and with much less maintenance. Gone are the days when you would have to teeter off the top of a ladder in order to sand and paint or varnish the wood every year. The good thing about plastic cladding is that we at Highline can clean it without risk from the ground with our specialised equipment and generally it will come back looking as good as new.

Cladding cleaning is the sort of job that is usually best done with the rest of the exterior cleaning on a regular cycle once a year and since it is outside work it can be done whilst you are at the office. You can arrive back home after a hard day’s work to the cleaning finished and the exterior of your home completely refreshed. So instead of breaking your back all weekend you can spend your time relaxing with the family.

The best thing of all is that our work is always guaranteed; if it is not up to the right standard we come back and do the problem areas again.

Window Cleaning has changed greatly over the years, gone are the days when a man with a ladder on his shoulder would walk up your drive and scrim your windows. Not that there was anything wrong with those hard working people. It is just that nowadays exterior cleaning as a whole is more efficient as well as safer and of course any legitimate window cleaner is insured. If someone approaches you with a really good price for your cleaning, it is in your own interests to ask him for proof of insurance. Also remember that you get what you pay for; if you pay less you could get less of a service.

At Highline on the other hand we give great service at a very fair price. We have all the right equipment and training; we even have uniforms that identify us as legitimate tradesmen.

Furthermore we will clean security blinds and cladding for commercial premises. So whether you are a domestic or a commercial customer Highline is the company for you. If appropriate we will use a soft wash approach to the job rather than blasting vulnerable areas with a pressure washer. This can take a little longer but it gets much better results and is the right method for the job usually bringing the cladding up like new.

Highline Cleaning is based in Ascot but does cladding cleaning all over South London as well as Surrey and Berkshire if you are not sure whether we cover your area, feel free to give us a call.

Our office is open on 01344 988636  any time during normal weekday office hours. You can take advantage of our free, no obligation quotation service. Be assured we will never pressure you with hard sell tactics but will always treat you with courtesy and respect.

So if you live anywhere between Windsor and Chobham or even beyond we at Highline Cleaning are pleased to offer you our friendly, efficient and professional cladding cleaning service.

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