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Jan, 2015

Highline Cleaning’s Guide to Pressure Washing.

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It is possible to buy your own pressure washer to use on your driveway or walls, so why do you need professionals to do your power washing for you?

  • Firstly there are some places that a pressure washer would not be appropriate. For instance if your walls are painted and the paint is still good a pressure washer can cause a lot of damage, meaning that you will need to paint the walls after they have been cleaned.
  • Also if the walls are bad and need to be prepared so they can be painted a small, electric pressure washer will not do the job. It will leave most of the flaky paint in situ meaning that your paint job won’t last very long.
  • Highline Cleaning offers a professional power washing service that operates in the Ascot, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Windsor, Berkshire, Surrey and South London areas. Their experts know exactly what is appropriate for you particular requirements.
  • Pressure Washing can be hard work; if you already have a stressful work week it would be far preferable to spend the weekend with the family instead of fighting an underpowered pressure washer.
  • Unless it is done properly, pressure washing can damage tarmac driveways. The friendly professionals at Highline Cleaning know exactly what to do to give a good, fresh finish without causing any harm.
  • Highline Cleaning is fully insured and guarantees the work, however large or small the job is.
  • Brick driveways become grubby with time and can look like new after they have been pressure washed. However pressure washing sometimes pushes all the sand out of the cracks. If this happens Highline Cleaning’s hard working staff will re-sand for you. They won’t walk off the job before it is properly finished.
  • Highline Cleaning offers a professional service to domestic and commercial customers, so if you have a job that needs doing why not give them a call and take advantage of their free estimate service? There is no obligation and all prices are agreed before the job commences; that way there are no nasty surprises.
  • Particularly after the winter many driveways are green with algae and moss; this makes them slippery. Highline Cleaning’s experts know how to deal with these problems and make walkways safe for kids and grannies alike.
  • Highline Cleaning offer a regular service. With your permission they will ring you once a year to set up the exterior cleaning at your convenience.
  • No-one from Highline Cleaning will pressure you into having something you don’t want; they will not lie to you or pretend there is a problem that isn’t there. They will tell you the facts truthfully, will tell you how much the job will cost and will leave it up to you to decide whether you want it done or not. Highline Cleaning undertake always to deal with their customers in an honest, professional and respectful fashion.
  • Highline Cleaning is a local service; it is based in Ascot but if you live in Surrey, Berkshire or anywhere in the South London area they guarantee they will come out to you.
  • Highline offers cleaning contracts for rented properties. This can be important as a slow turn around can deprive a landlord of rental income.

Pressure washing can make a great difference to the pleasantness of your surroundings and Highline Cleaning is pleased to offer this service to its customers.

If you live in or near the Ascot, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Windsor, Berkshire, Surrey and South London, Highline Cleaning is happy to serve you.

For all enquiries please ring Tom on Landline: 01344 988636 or Mobile: 07970200360

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