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Jan, 2015

Highline Cleaning’s Guide to Conservatory Cleaning

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In Victorian times conservatories were only for the rich. They were large, wooden structured affairs built to house the exotic plants that intrepid explorers were discovering in far flung corners of the world.

Actually the history of the conservatory dates from the fifteen hundreds when people used them as a way to grow citrus fruits in a cool climate. These days of course they are much smaller than they used to be and they are more likely to be providing extra space for humans than housing exotic plants.

A conservatory can be a very pleasant place to spend the day, especially when the sun is shining. They can be great places to entertain, doubling up as a dining room that overlooks the garden. Really a conservatory is a half-way point between your home and the outside.

By their nature conservatories tend to have glass roofs and even if the lay person has the time to clean the windows he would find it very difficult to safely clean the roof. Not only do the glass or polycarbonate areas need to be cleaned but the plastic structure tends to go green with algae. If the roof is never cleaned eventually the algae will start blocking the light.

This is where the good folks at Highline Cleaning come in. Highline operates in South London, Berkshire and Surrey and offers an efficient conservatory cleaning service. Conservatories can be cleaned inside and out and are usually done at the same time as the windows. Because the friendly guys at Highline always clean the frames you get a decent job done with no spider’s webs hiding in the corners.

Unfortunately Highline cleaning cannot cover the whole of the country but if you live anywhere near the Royal Town of Windsor or the lake at Virginia Water or the racecourse at Ascot the guys at Highline will be pleased to offer you their services. These services include not only window cleaning, conservatory cleaning and gutter cleaning but also pressure washing, cleaning walls, driveway cleaning, cladding cleaning and gutter cleaning.

Highline’s prices are always competitive and are agreed before the job is started. Highline has built up an excellent reputation and has many regular customers. In this ever demanding world many people find themselves suffering from stress. Highline Cleaning cannot solve all your stress problems but they can take away the hassle of the exterior cleaning, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Modern life is all about multi-tasking. For example many parents get up really early, drop the kids off to school or to a crèche and head into work. By the end of the week they are exhausted but they can be sandwiched between taking care of their children and looking after their parents who might be suffering from age and poor health. In this case Highline Cleaning’s services may be appropriate for both generations.

Highline Cleaning offers window cleaning, conservatory cleaning, driveway cleaning and gutter cleaning services in the South London, Surrey and Berkshire areas and their friendly professionals are always pleased to talk to you about any work that needs to be done. Highline’s estimates are always free and of course the work is always fully insured and conforms to high safety standards.

All our work is done to professional specifications and there is no need to worry about your indoor or outdoor furniture as we will ensure that your property is treated with respect and everything is properly protected.

So why not give our friendly, hard-working team a call today?

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