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Jan, 2015

Highline’s Guide on How to Increase Footfall in February

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The Christmas rush is long forgotten and the sales have finished; the winter is still with us and for many retail shops February can be the poorest month of the year where takings are concerned.

The one advantage of a quiet month is that it gives us time to assess how the business is doing and to work out if we can improve anything. So what can we do to increase footfall, not only in February but also for the rest of the year? Here are a few tips from Highline Cleaning of Ascot:

  • Don’t lose confidence; it is true that a lot of business is done online these days but between 80 and 90% is still done on the high street. This applies to South London just as much as to the rest of the country.
  • Many shoppers that buy online do so with a shop that has a high street presence. This being the case a good, up-to-date website like Highline’s might increase the amount of customers that take an interest in your goods.
  • The sales may be finished but there is nothing wrong with special promotions or even late winter events that will draw people into the shop.
  • Consider the weather; February rain can mess up your windows very quickly. If your business is in Ascot, Sunningdale, Windsor, Virginia Water or anywhere in South London, Highline Cleaning are the professional window cleaners for you. With over ten years’ experience in commercial and industrial window cleaning you can trust Highline to make sure that customers are never put off by dirty windows.
  • Make your premises welcoming, well lit and warm coloured; if practical leave the door open so people know that they can walk in.
  • Make sure your window displays are attractive, relevant to the season and dynamic, changed regularly so that people always have something new to look at.
  • Consider too that the façade of your building may be suffering from a build-up of traffic grime, this can put people off from even entering your shop; Highline Cleaning can give your building an early spring clean; their assessments and estimates are free and without obligation and all work is fully insured, all the H7S paperwork can be supplied in line with our high safety standards; even the high work is normally done with equipment operated from the ground.
  • Try partnering with other businesses in your area that sell related products, for instance if you run a clothing boutique, to might partner with an accessories shop or one that sells the right kind of shoes or handbags, even linking your websites for your mutual benefit.
  • People love getting money off. They like vouchers, samples and tasters. It can even be a good idea to approach people outside the shop with a small freebie, a squirt of perfume for example would encourage people to come in and buy a bottle.
  • Do a little market research; take a look at what your competitors are selling and how they are doing it, learn from what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.
  • Even if you don’t own a traditional high street shop it is important to make your business welcoming. If you run a crèche or a doctor’s surgery or even if you run a wholesale warehouse or an office block you will need to keep things neat and tidy. Highline Cleaning caters for all of these needs throughout the Berkshire, Surrey and South London areas.
  • Make sure that everyone that comes through your door gets a good shopping experience. If they enter an attractive building, are treated with respect and find what they came in for, they will no doubt come back again.

Successful businesses like Highline Cleaning go the extra mile; they work hard to be dependable, honest, reliable and innovative. They depend on a good reputation and customer satisfaction. We understand how much effort goes into making a business prosper and we wish everyone that is making such efforts every success.

Highline Commercial Cleaning covers Ascot, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Windsor, Berkshire, Surrey and South London.

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