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Highline Cleaning’s Tips for Beating the Winter Blues.

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The mid-winter holidays are always a welcome break from routine but sadly they are now over, the school run has restarted and the daily grind is grinding away. So how do we keep our minds off the dirty weather and the dark days?

The friendly guys at Highline Cleaning will not only clean your windows, your gutters and your drives but they have put together a few simple tips:

  • Remember that the evenings are drawing out by an average of three minutes per night; by this time next week we could have twenty-one more minutes of evening light.
  • Make sure you get to the sales; even if you don’t have much money just going for a coffee in Ascot, Windsor or Sunningdale can make you feel better.
  • Do something nice for someone else; they will feel better and so will you!
  • Make sure you get some exercise; this will benefit your health and release those feel-good endorphins. If you don’t want to be outside try the local gym or even a simple exercise DVD.
  • Start that diet; come on admit it, you ate too much over the holidays and now you are going to have to pay for it! Losing a few pounds gives you a sense of achievement and since you’re going to the gym anyway…
  • Don’t forget to do something nice with the family; indoor activities like the cinema are available all year round. Alternatively a drive in the Surrey or Berkshire countryside even on a bright winter’s day can lift the spirits
  • Plan your spring gardening, what will you grow this year? There are many garden centres in the South London area, some of them are quite big and they are another place to take the family.
  • Use a light box if sad syndrome is a serious problem.
  • Make the daily grind useful, time runs faster if you keep busy.
  • Start planning the spring cleaning. This of course includes your interior and exterior cleaning.

The minute the sun starts shining in the windows we begin to notice the dirt that the winter has left behind. Usually the first thing we see is that the windows need to be cleaned inside and out.

And then of course there is the rest of the exterior cleaning.

If the exterior of your house is painted, no matter what colour it was to start with it is probably now green or red with algae. Generally it isn’t necessary to go to the expense of calling in the painter; all you need is a soft wash from the friendly experts at Highline Cleaning of Ascot. The great thing about Highline is that not only do they know what they are doing but they are hot on health and safety. This means that they can take care of the high cleaning without you taking the risk of climbing up ladders.

When it comes to window cleaning they normally don’t even use ladders. The modern method is the reach and wash system, which is done from the ground. When you first see window cleaners using this you may wonder if it is really effective. But be assured that due to the de-ionised water it gives a very good result.

Highline Cleaning covers all your exterior cleaning, including window cleaning, power washing, gutter, fascia, soffit and driveway cleaning and is based in Ascot but also covers Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Windsor, Berkshire, Surrey and South London.

The great thing about living in the South London, Surrey and Berkshire areas is that spring tends to come a little earlier than many other parts of Britain. Soon the ducklings will be back on Virginia Water as the winter blues turn into the gentle greens of springtime.

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