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Has your external pvc turned green over winter?

We can help! Highline cleaning can wash away the green and restore your fascia, soffit, gutters, downpipes and PVC cladding back to the shine you remember.

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Brighten up your home today!

Dirty Fascia’s, Soffits and Cladding can really take the gloss off of an otherwise clean and tidy home.

We can clean all your external UPVC which may be showing signs of wear, removing all the algae, lichen, traffic film and general dirt – bringing it back to its former glory and revealing the shine that you remember.

Using our pure water pole cleaning system we can clean most fascia and soffit without using ladders or expensive access equipment which can sometimes drastically reducing the cost of cleaning. We can also reach sections of fascia & soffit that may be unreachable from ladders, such as above conservatories or extensions.

The constant flow of pure water combined with the gentle scrubbing power of specialist brush heads quickly removes all the grime & leaves nothing behind but a shine!

For pricing on this service please feel free to contact us on 01344 988636 for a free, no obligation quote.