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Jan, 2015

Why Choose Highline Cleaning for your Commercial Gutter Cleaning?

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What is the difference between commercial and domestic gutter cleaning? Actually there are several differences. All buildings have to have a drainage system for rainwater but obviously on a big commercial unit everything is scaled up. The walls are higher, the gutters are wider and longer, the downpipes are longer and there is more scope for them to become blocked. So the whole problem is bigger.

On top of that the whole approach to cleaning and unblocking has to be different. It will involve cherry pickers and man-lifts operated by skilled professionals. This is definitely not a DIY job.

The challenge for the site manager is to balance the costs with the benefits of gutter cleaning and of course the consequences of not cleaning the gutters. The recent recession has understandably left us all a little leaner and somewhat meaner than we were before. However there is a cost to neglecting jobs that need to be done; if the guttering is not maintained properly the gutters can overflow leading to water ingress and damage to the structure of the building. One advantage of getting the essential maintenance done is that your building, whether it is a factory, an office or a warehouse always looks as it should and this gives a good first impression to your clients.

The first thing that is needed is advice from the experts. This is where the specialists at Highline Cleaning of Ascot come in. We can pay you a visit, assess the problems and can and do a site survey. We can then tell you what the state of the guttering and downpipes is and whether they need immediate attention or they can be left a little longer. No one at Highline Cleaning will try to pressure you into paying for something you either don’t need or don’t want. We tell you honestly how it is and leave the decision up to you.

If you decide that the job does need doing you will need an accurate estimate of all costs, a safety survey and a health and safety statement and depending on the surroundings you might also need a traffic management plan. You will also need proof that the whole job is fully insured and that there is a satisfaction guarantee.

The other things you will need are a competitive price and an undertaking that all equipment and stock will be protected while the works are carried out.

This is why many businesses turn to the professionals at Highline Cleaning. They can be trusted to do all the paperwork properly and to carry out the work in a highly professional manner. Furthermore their services include unblocking any blocked down pipes, doing cladding cleaning and building washing, they can wash your business signs, clean your windows and clean your car park. Those friendly professionals at Highline Cleaning offer an all-round cleaning package that covers all your exterior cleaning and some of your interior cleaning too.

If you are anywhere in the Surrey, Berkshire or South London areas you can take advantage of our excellent services. We cover such towns as: Windlesham, Winkfield, Wimbledon, Weybridge, Woking, Virginia Water, Sunninghill, Sunningdale, Sandhurst, Egham, Chobham, Crowthorne, Camberley, Cranbourne, Gerrards Cross, Bracknell, Bagshot, Englefield Green and Ascot. If you are not on the list don’t worry, give us a buzz and we’ll see what we can do.

As always Highline Cleaning is happy to serve you.

For all enquiries please ring us on Landline: 01344 988636 or Mobile: 07970 200360

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